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Who we are & how we can help: Timex comprises a bright & young team bubbling with innovations & ideas offering web development solutions for small to medium online businesses. As a team we joined hands two years ago and established Timex. However, individually all of us have several years of experience of working on the web and have achieved and experienced success in our own fields.

At Timex, we are all in sync and enjoy working as a team. Our objective is to offer solutions to clients worldwide that can hold its ground in the real world! We constantly try to improve and learn from our work, plus value time and money; both, yours as well as our own.

About Our Primary Job: Our primary job is to create a blueprint for your success based on how you visualise it. We work right from creating an identity for your business online... to improving your visibility and reach by developing and executing relevant strategies & applications. This whole process of building a business online is called web development.

We're Real Guys of This Real World Offering Realistic Solutions: The best thing about us is that there's nothing intimidating, exaggerated, or flashy about our work because our solutions are based on practical realities of life which are designed to click in the real world. We offer affordable & ethical solutions & strategies. In one sentence - when you work with us, you can be at peace.

We Transform Your Idea into an Online Business: Through ourknowledge base, experience, and the ability to understand and analyse facts; thereby transforming your ideas into online business, we promise to deliver complete & seamless business solutions. We promise to do it within deadline and budget. Whether you want to design a website, logo, Ecommerce Store or a marketing plan for your online business, we do it all.

About Projects We Undertake: We work on one time, short term, and long term projects. We offer several web building services, however there's no compulsion on your part to hire us for all of them. Suppose, you already have a website and need our help to start an Ecommerce Store attached with it or want to market of your site or store, you can hire us only those services. And we shall deliver a precise and professional job for you.

About Our Team: We are fortunate that some of the best hands and minds are working with us. They ensure that the solutions they develop help your business to grow. We work on every little detail, edit every word, and review every strategy, until we're confident that it'll fetch results.

How You Can Contact/Disconnect with us: You can contact us via phone, email, Skype, as per your convenience. If you can't find us right away, you'll hear from us within 2 business days. Until we've mutually agreed about the exact nature of work, we won't sign on the dotted line, and won't be bound by anything.

We are committed to offering the best advice we can if you want to write and discuss anything with us. Whether you hire us or don't is beside the point. If we can help, we will happily do so.

Would you like to discuss your website with us? Then do drop us a line...!

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