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“We were relieved to work with Timex as they were good listeners. They took time to understand our business before hurrying into solutions... and gave us exactly what we had in mind...thank you!”
“We had been bitten twice by fly-by-night web-developers and hence were wary of working with one more. We neither had the time or money to invest in a fake proposition. But we are glad to put it on record that hiring Timex team was a good decision. They were professional, prompt, and understood our as well as their business”.
Timex has an eye for international look, feel, and language; plus their understanding with each other as a team is awesome. I never thought in the beginning that you’d be able to deliver... but you are an amazing team of experts. Thanks everyone. I will keep in touch.
Thanks again...!

Think about this: There are hundreds & thousands of websites & eStores launched every day... and yet very few achieve success, earn business, & prosper online. Have you ever wondered why only a few achieve success and perform well?

Ever wondered why only so a few achieve success and perform well?

Well! the answer lies here! Entrepreneurs/professionals who approach & focus on building their online business with a right mindset & understanding of the online business and its development process achieve success; and those who do it haphazardly or casually, lag behind and remain buried in the search engines with a thousand other sites; owners waiting endlessly without a clue as to why their sites aren’t getting them any enquiries or business!

If you want your online business to become successful, you ought to take right steps.

Welcome to Timex! We are a UK based Web Development company comprising young & bright team of Qualified and proficient in handling various aspects of building an online business@ an affordable price. Whether you already have a website or are planning to launch one, our team will create the most appropriate solutions, based on their study of your business, product, market, clients etc.

We will design your site based on how you see your business ... not pushing our ideas down your throats; never. Similarly, our Help Desk is prompt with its communication and will be at your service. Timex promises to be with you until you’re 100% satisfied and ready for a take-off on your own.

Besides delivering a technically flawless output, we stick to timeframes & budgets we quote. We work on long as well as short term projects. During our briefing sessions we gather and analyse information that helps us to understand your business and business goals – based on which we develop business solutions and strategies to help you set up a business online and make it grow.

There are no hard and fast rules for people interested to interact with us. If you want to discuss how you can bring your business online or promote it, all you got to do is send us an Email. Whatever your query is, we will respond.

Visit our Services page to know about various web development services we offer. If you want to discuss something about developing your business on the web you can write to us. We’ll depute an appropriate person to attend to you. If you’d like to know more about us and how we can help... visit About us page